Saturday, August 1, 2009

Reflection on this weeks discussion

This week was nice because instead of investigating monuments and determining what they meant we had a chance to sit back and talk about our views and thoughts on the cemetery. It was neat how we all have seemed to change our original perceptions of the cemetery from our very first discussion. Everyone seemed to have a much deeper outlook due to all we have learned and reflected on thus far. I enjoyed how we all had unique analogies for what a cemetery means to us. I think that my favorite part of this week by far was when we really started getting into a deep discussion about how a cemetery effects us because of our personal past family experiences. I was a little apprehensive to share my family story at first because I do not know everyone very well but, it was a big relief when everyone joined in on the conversation and gave their opinions. It was nice to see how we were all connected in one way or another through or shared experiences and beliefs. For the first time I felt a little more of a connection with my other classmates and I feel we all felt more comfortable opening up to each other this week and sharing our feelings. The discussion this week truly proved to be more than a discussion on the cemetery itself or the people buried there but, it focused more on our views of life and death and the importance of living life to the fullest. I feel we all took one step forward this week and opened our eyes to a much bigger and more important concept.

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  1. Shared experiences can create opportunities for shared understanding. I hope that we all do learn not only about how cemeteries reveal societal beliefs but we learn about ourselves.