Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Pictures and questions from our 1st walkaround

1. Is there any meaning to the Ivy growing in patterns on the ground?

2. Why are so many monuments in the same shape (the tall and pointed tops)? What does this symbolize?

3. Why are the doors to the house-like monuments with many family members bolted and locked shut even though the doors are ones unable to be opened?

4. What does the G symbol with two arrows around it mean?

5. Who were the Harrison's, there are so many of them buried together?

6. What does the wooden arch mean?

7. There was a double stacked coffin burial stone. Why was this made this way? Was it redone because it had worn away or because another person was buried there?

8. Is it disrespectful to sit on the bench-type monuments?

9. Who was Ottomar Topff? Is this his picture?

10. What are the wooden planks on the ground and what do they mean?

11. Why are there such grand monuments for some people? Were they famous or rich if they had large memorials?

12. What does this burial mean? Is this supposed to symbolize a doorway to somewhere?

13. What is the meaning behind the art on the Leon Van Loo monument?

14. What does F.G. Fore mean? Why was it on several graves?

15. Why do some graves only have initials, or first names or titles written on them such as Mamma without other defining characteristics in order to know who was buried there?

16. What do the leaves on house-like monument mean? Are they symbolic to the family or do they have some general special meaning?

17. Do the angels on some of the graves symbolize what the person may have done in their lives? Some are of guardian angels and some are of warrior angels?

18. Are the bodies of those in the house-like monuments buried in the walls of the structure?

19. What does perpetual care mean? It was on several burial sites?

20. What does the symbol that looks like the star of David mean when it has the letters O, E, and S next to it?

21. Are the leaves around the tree stump monuments just for beauty or do they represent something more?

22. Who was Samuel Davis Jr.?

23. Who was Daniel Drake?

24. Were all the Drakes who were buried together family?

25. Who is Charles Davis?

26. What does the little lamb on graves mean? Does this mean a child is buried here?

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