Saturday, July 25, 2009

Reflection on the Tram ride around Spring Grove

This week was probably one of my favorite weeks thus far. I felt like we were able to just relax, take a step back and really take in the view around us. I was amazed at how big the cemetery was and how different each location was from the ones around it. It seemed as if we entered several different worlds throughout our tour. Being able to just sit back gave me the chance to think things through and really collect all my thoughts from the past few weeks. Each section of the cemetery seemed to have it's own essence about it and gave me something new to consider and learn from it. Although I have truly enjoyed seeing the old graves because they leave us with such a mystery in mind, I have to say taking the ride through the new location was really interesting. I feel like having taken this class I really pay more attention to the beauty that can be seen in cemeteries and I find myself pondering questions about the messages being left behind by those who have passed on. I enjoyed seeing the new and beautiful monuments and all the more modern techniques used to symbolize the lives of those who passed away. One of my favorite things was the use of leaving simple messages such as "Gone Fishing". It made me smile thinking about a person I had never met rather than being left with a sad image. I feel like more and more we are trying to leave a "feel good essence" behind rather than a "morbid creepy essence" and I feel that is a great leap for how we are all left to picture the after-life. I also really liked the ride through the woodland area. It was very peaceful and it took you away from the idea that you were in a cemetery. I think it is wonderful that in an industrial society such as this one that they decided to leave a connection to the past untouched for the many generations to experience. It is safe to say that each week I am left to feel more and more comfortable exploring the cemetery. It feels less like a creepy place and more like a story book filled with amazing art and mysteries to be uncovered.

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