Friday, July 10, 2009

Reflecting Back

Yesterday's class was truly amazing. I felt like not only were a lot of my mystery questions answered but, I was able to open my eyes to a whole new world, a world of those who had passed away but still found ways to teach us about who they were many years after their lives ended. Being on a tour with an actual speaker who was able to give us insight put a whole new spin on why we were actually taking this class and made me feel like I could start seeing the cemetery as a book or story to someones' life and legacy they wanted to leave behind rather than a creepy place with "ghosts". I learned a lot about what all the symbols on the mausoleums and sculptures meant and it really intrigued me to see how much could be said about a person's life in such an artistic and symbolic manner. It really was like breaking a secret code. My two favorite parts of the tour were Fleischmann's "Greek Parthenon" and the stained glass window of the three Moerae who hold the fate of all humans in Greek mythology and the story behind Lt. William Lytle and his family. I was really touched by the monument that stood at his grave. It was so symbolic and very touching to see the many parts that bring together what his life was about, especially the symbolic saddened eagle. I had noticed that monument the first week and it stood out in my mind so, actually learning about it's meaning was really interesting. I started seeing the monuments as more than wonderful works of art but, pieces of someones life being put together. The entire experience truly opened my eyes to looking deeper into what one sees and discovering the true true meaning behind it. To me, a cemetery is no longer just a place to bury a loved one and visit as a sign of respect but, it is a close connection to our history without actually having been there. So far, I have learned that just like you should never judge a book by it's cover, I find that a cemetery is much the same. It's like jumping into one of the best history books and going back in time. It is not just a place of sorrow but, a place of remembrance, beauty, knowledge and a way to unlock some of life's most amazing mysteries. I am no longer questioning the small things but, finally starting to see the bigger picture. This class has really brought about a curiosity and passion in me that I never thought I had. I look forward to learning more in the weeks to come!

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